Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is this?
This website is for students and professors in University medical programs to submit reports and visits with patients for statistical purposes.

2. Who can use it?
Students and professors who have participating schools are assigned a username and password which they can use to login to the reporting utility.

3. How can I get my password if I've lost it?
You can send an email to Your professor will more than likely not have your password.

4. The error message, {Page cannot be displayed} appears when I try to submit an encounter. What do I need to do?
There is a system error involving your cache and internet settings. Detailed instructions are in the manual on how to clear the cache and reset the internet settings. Briefly they are:

Clearing the memory (cache) Connect to internet in normal fashion Launch internet explorer Click on Tools (top row of tool bar) Click on Settings (bottom option) 3 window panes open From the middle pane, click Delete temporary Files (this may take a moment) and will prompt with you a message about delete off line content- click OK when the window returns, Click on Settings, and here you will do two things First, Click the radio button "EVERY VISIT TO THIS PAGE" and second Make sure the swap file (lower right) is at least 63 meg in size Click OK (will return you back to the 3 windows) At the bottom pane, Select, Clear History Click OK Click OK Try resubmitting.

If you are still having problems, send an email using the EMAIL feature and your message will be handled in a timely fashion.
(Hint: Also try another machine to see if the error recreates).

If you need more assistance, email
For general help questions, please refer to the help page.